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  1. tchr01

    Delta EC-1 Echo Box, have to crank it

    Any ideas why when I have my talkback on to test my echo I can hear it loud, clear and no problem... but a local contact that I give S5 to cant hear it unless I crank the box all the way up just about? Could I be pinching it off with the mic gain being too high or low? My meter reads consistent...
  2. tchr01

    Power line noise with my dads A99 and 980SSB?

    I've been through all the ARRL samples and power line noise sounds very close but not quite the same. This is a loud clicking sound that's coming through on all channels upper and lower side band. Check out the video sample. I figured someone here would have heard this before Sample noise...
  3. Pistol

    Bear Cat 980 Am Transmit.

    Does anyone know proper Board Label for AM TRANSMIT ADJUSTMENT in BC-980.?