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  1. Aydenrooster

    connex cx36hpf freqency conversion

    does anyone know how to convert a cx36hpf to 11 meters? swing kit mod?


    So If you have not noticed our homepage really doesn't change a whole bit ;( I login 8-12 times a day sometimes and it would be cool to have some rotation of different threads or pics FULL size and eye catching stuff ! I love the "Featured member photos" (hopefully my shack gets up there lol...

    Four-Two-Zero New Jersey in the SHACK

    Hey DX land I put most of my bench up for swap/sale/trade because a local "technician and shop" did me dirty with my 8 pill base amp . Im not looking for pity or to bash this guy he WILL get whats coming to him ;) Just showing off some gear I have on the bench to see if anyone needs or wants...