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President CFO & CPFO WorldwideDX Radio
Feb 21, 2011
New Jersey
Hey DX land I put most of my bench up for swap/sale/trade because a local "technician and shop" did me dirty with my 8 pill base amp . Im not looking for pity or to bash this guy he WILL get whats coming to him ;) Just showing off some gear I have on the bench to see if anyone needs or wants anything and show off my lil mud duck shack !

Glad to be part of the forum everyone here has been great with me !

Thanks for looking , Brian (4-2-ZERO) in New Jersey


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Good looking stuff. I wouldn't know what to play with first. (y)

HAHA one of my biggest problems !!! This is just the stuff that's NOT shrink-wrapped in totes and closets :eek: I spent 1 crazy summer 10 years ago hitting garage / estate sales and craigslist and found a ton of stuff and Ive been yapping for 25 years so it can be a bit much ! I usually use one of the Cobra 142 gtls to read the mail and the Connex 3300hp for talkin dx (on low pushing a tuber :)) but I also like to mix it up sometimes .

Thanks a lot , Brian

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    Band will open next 60m ??? I think it will happen :giggle: How open that is the ?????:giggle:(y)