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galaxy 959

  1. Courage

    Newbie Questions

    Hey guys, hopefully this is in the right section. I want to get into CB radio, but, despite me trying to do a lot of online searches, I still have some very specific questions. My reasons for wanting to get into this hobby are for a backup/out of cell service communication, the cool, golden age...
  2. C

    Galaxy dx-959 RF Power-Modulation-SWR switch not changing functions

    Galaxy dx-959 RF Power-Modulation-SWR switch not changing meter functions. The meter function is stuck on Power even when switched to the SWR or MOD position. The switch itself is changing continuity between legs so the switch itself seems to be working. All wires from point A to point B...
  3. Plumber-G

    High / Low AM adjustment

    Hello I have been playing with my 959, I can adjust the AM TX high power to about 9 watts and when I try to adjust TX low power to 1-2 watts I can only get it to about 5 watts. Is there any way to change the 4 watt spread?? or am I doing something wrong?? Thanks