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    Icom 7300 full tx unlock no wierd adding solder bs. Mars mod 60m whatever

    7300 proper tx unlock. Gives all bands. No weird adding solder bs. Lift up a leg and call it good. You can always restore it should you need factory warranty work. 73
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    Adjusting the ICOM IC 7300 spectrum scope to get the flex like green line

    not sure best place to post this but a friend ask for info on this and people liked it so much elsewhere I thought it was worth showing here. 2 videos cover it. After this your scope will be alot better. Vid #2
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    Icom 706mkiig Will Not Turn On

    Good morning, Short Version (More detailed version below) Problem: Icom 706MKiiG will not turn on. Steps Taken So Far: Verified that power cord works on my spare 706mkiig Verified that the control head works on my spare 706mkiig Tried working control head on dead radio Opened case and...