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  1. 144inBama

    Convert a 1X4 into a staged amp

    Well...The title pretty much describes what I want to do. How difficult is doing this and what do I need to complete this task? I would like to be able to run my 99v2 on this amp but it has a bit too much drive, even with padding. I would also like to be able to run lower output radios as well...
  2. 530

    Amplifier recommendations.

    Looking for a new amp for the mobile. Looking for suggestions for a straight 6 or 8 transistor amp for 11 meters.
  3. 530

    Mobile Mobile antenna choice

    If you had a choice of the two which one would you choose? It will be mounted on top of a 2010 Jeep Renegade roof, on a puck mount. Both are the same length. My reason for asking I have always read that longer is better and I have also read that metal is also better. Which I am getting confused...
  4. 530

    Sirio TWIN-LOG High Performance CB Mobile Fiberglass Antenna?

    So never saw one like this. Any experienced ones think this 5ft is better than a 5ft SkipShooter? I need a 5ft 4in or less and narrowed it down to my 5ft SkipShooter or...
  5. 530

    CB Mobile Antenna Choice Help

    My Antenna only can be no longer than 5ft 4inches for total tuned height. I am using a Puck Mount on the roof of a 2010 Jeep Liberty Renegade. I have a 5ft Skipshooter and a Tram SP-63 Open Coil. If you had a choice technically, which would you choose of the two to get out and receive the best...
  6. Capt Crunch

    Short Mobile CB Antenna Advice

    I am having to buy a short CB antenna for 11 meters for my vehicle. It is a center roof puck mount. It can be no taller than 3 feet +- an inch. I hate the idea but I need something for this purpose at times when driving. Around 500 watts power handling minimum. The antennas I have looked at so...