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  1. Wildcat444

    Tram D201 40yr/100 Mile Restoration Done Right

    Hi, I am restoring an old Tram D201 (23 ch with PC boards from late 1976) that I picked up, and want to do it right. I have scoured internet forums and sites, posted questions, and found it quite a task to gather what is needed to tackle this, but I am having fun! RESISTORS & CAPACITORS...
  2. Wildcat444

    Tram D201 Multi-section Caps

    I am doing the restoration on a 1976 Tram D201 (2nd version). I will replace all electrolytic caps and high power resistors. What are people using to replace the original Tram D201 Multi-section Caps? I see that Mike's Radio Repair and some others appear to be using new JJ brand caps to...