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  1. tchr01

    Power line noise with my dads A99 and 980SSB?

    I've been through all the ARRL samples and power line noise sounds very close but not quite the same. This is a loud clicking sound that's coming through on all channels upper and lower side band. Check out the video sample. I figured someone here would have heard this before Sample noise...
  2. Marconi

    Base Can you detect RF currents flowing on your antenna system?

    Here is a video entitled, "The effect of a 1:1 balun on a resonant dipole." Check-out this Common Mode Currents test idea on the feed line and elsewhere using some better testing tools. Long ago I tried checking this idea out several times...and I never was able to see an difference in the...
  3. A

    RFI -- The search continues

    So, I know I've got other threads somewhat related to RFI - or at least antenna issues and trying to deal with related RFI issues. But, I took some time this afternoon to shut down the breakers and run the radio on battery power to see what I have for on-premise noise and what is off-premise...