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  1. c316buckeye

    Mobile swr went from 2.0 to 1.0 with ice on car

    -small sedan -trimag mount -tram bigcat antenna -lmr400 straight down through roof to radio -best swr i could get out of 3 antennas was 2.0 -2 inches of snow/ice on roof and swr is now flat. This goes against what i am researching, as snow, ice, salt, etc usually raise swr. several of us are...
  2. S

    End Fed Issue

    I have an end-fed HF antenna that is showing high SWR and almost no power out. The radio does perfectly on a dummy load. All of the connectors are good. I have tested the coax. I have checked the antenna wire for breaks. The readings are extreme on all bands. I have tried two different radios. I...
  3. darklife

    The strangest thing with SWR and my tower

    After I put up my new A-99 clone antenna on my 20' of tower and mounted directly on top the tower (no isolation) I have a decent SWR of around 1.15 in the middle of the CB band, and about 1.2 on ch1 and ch40. Though this is great I noticed something very odd.. When my 6' ladder is propped up...

    Fact or Fiction ... Antenna tuners/meters for dummies (please help) Thanks

    Hey guys I know this has been asked a million different ways in a million different places but I'm hoping to help myself and other CB skip shooters wrap their heads around tuners , swr (standing wave ratio) , meters and meter quality . That being said , I'm not claiming to be a real tech or...