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End Fed Issue


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Mar 8, 2022
I have an end-fed HF antenna that is showing high SWR and almost no power out. The radio does perfectly on a dummy load. All of the connectors are good. I have tested the coax. I have checked the antenna wire for breaks. The readings are extreme on all bands. I have tried two different radios. I have connected a radio outside in the yard to eliminate any interference in the shack. Still extreme readings. Readings are taken by separate meter and radio internal meters.
Any ideas on what to check next?

Ah, what kind of "end-fed HF antenna"?

Leaves a lot of room for antennas that would normally require an antenna tuner.

Since end-fed antennas tend to have an impedance of hundreds of ohms, some sort of matching network is usually needed, even when the antenna is cut to length for the band you're using.

And if its length is not resonant for the band you use, a tuner is always required.

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