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10 Meters!


Staff member
Apr 6, 2005
Sierras Near Yosemite National Park
Yesterday Ten Meters was hopping all day, and even late into the night last night, I worked JA`s last night after 9PM with S-9++ signals
Lots of people calling CQ and none of them were acting like self serving arrogant idiots even in contest mode.



W9WDX Amateur Radio Club Member
Jun 2, 2009
I was working ten this morning.

Signals booming in from EU and even Eastern russia.

Some ops had trouble with English, but all were very polite in asking for the call sign to be repeated. None were arrogant.


Supporting Member
Aug 1, 2006
10 meters

Was working EUROPE this am, turned on around 7 pm and wrkd a handful of JAPAN stations..rig here ALINCO DX70 50 watts, vertical ant ground level. The band sounded like 30 years ago..great.



Active Member
Nov 23, 2013
I like 10 meters, when I was tech it was working DX on 10 that pushed me to get my general ticket. Most of the time 10 is dead here but a month or so ago I was helping a friend who is a tech get on 10. We were working 28.400 and just chatting, there were no other signal as the band was quiet. When we signed a station in Europe came on and called me. I had no idea the band was open. We chatted for about 15 minutes and even my friend was able to work him. Moral? Sometime it helps just to call CQ.

I thought techs could not get on 10 other than CW? plz let me know thx


Active Member
Sep 24, 2010
10 was open all day to Europe, Canada, South America and then added the pacific and Japan this afternoon. Many good calls heard today on 10....12 was not so good here.
I never hear the pirate stations from Mexico? They must bounce over me.....I do hear many Spanish stations from central/South America. One thing I have found is many of the Spanish speaking stations can also speak English....good for me because I barely speak English, and almost zero Spanish. I have ask many times do you speak English ? and have many times received my reply in English. Recently I was chasing Suriname dxcc and the station was working Spanish speaking stations...I waited thru 3-4 and they then called foe North America!


W9WDX Amateur Radio Club Member
Mar 7, 2014
Northern Virginia
10 Meters

Back around Christmas time I got on 10 for the heck of it about 7pm and called CQ. Got an instant reply from a Spanish station. At the right time of day 10 goes a long way.

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