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11 meter is very quiet?


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Jul 10, 2011
Been listening to some decent skip today. I'm in a different rig this week again. So no extra heat, just my old Uniden doing 10 watts and an antenna that barely clears the top of this Crapscadia. I made 2 contacts hahahaha! Missing the radio setup from my normal work truck and the torque of that Cummins.

Sunday I tried out a new double coil antenna on my pickup and had people calling my numbers from all over the northeast.
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Feb 17, 2015
Where the West Begins.
Still nobody local but I have been listening to DX from all over on channel 6. Good thing I spent so much on my amazing Astatic D104.. Looks great but cant use it,, nobody will listen (not talking about marriage,,, just lack of local CB-ers).
You would think with all the lockdowns and BS from covid more people would be on CB.... NO VAXX PASS,,, or is that because I am living in a commie part of the world right now ?

I wouldn’t be the only one who believes there’s more interest. Last year saw shortages or back orders. Hard to tell what’s real, and what’s contrived, though.

Folls are still in a passive or reactive stage is my guess. Might get the gear installed, but aren’t really putting it through its paces. Expecting others are already active . . yet they (you) are the early bird.

So that question to you: in a circular radius from home during daylight hours, what’s the effective RX distance from a typical mobile CB (using local landmarks)? Tests along this line.

I’ll contend that the more we put into it (effort, not particularly money), the more results we get: increase Radio Rig effectiveness (tests & experiment), and —literally — there’s more to hear. (DSP and tallest possible antennas on my KW, as example; learned to use them “best”). Don’t read this as being wholly a technical issue set, in other words.

“Build it and they will come”, sounds corny, yet . . . it’s my experience.

The Universe expects some effort. Rewards it.

I awaken in the truck usually 0200-0400. and radio rig gets turned on. I hear a conversation within moments. This is nearly every day (six days/week) . . I may not hear anything else for an hour or more. There’s not a “reasonable“ explanation for this.

There IS my gratitude, though. As this is when I OFTEN have first word of road-related problems at a distance.


Separate the wheat from the chaff.

As you experiment, the problem-solving attracts others is as close as I can come to “explanation”. Their minds know it before they’ve keyed up. Are attracted.

Your rig has a coat of glowing paint after some work (which is speech; grasp, not just reach) versus the still-blends-into-the-background-just-assembled state.

A base may take longer to paint, but it’ll have greater range than my mobile. Negating any so-called advantage I appear to have by being on commercial truck routes.

Radio, or radio-active.

Edit: Now, an hour later (0536 local) I’m starting to hear the truck traffic I expect when plenty of men have gotten underway.

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Nov 29, 2020
Tuesday morning during the commute here in the desert southwest Ch 38 LSB was very lively with a DX pile-up. After monitoring for a bit, I switched bands to 10 meters but it sounded dead, which made no sense. Gave a CQ on 28.400 USB and got an immediate reply from Pittsburgh, PA. So the 10m phone band was open, but nobody was talking.
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BJ radionut

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May 9, 2008
35 miles East of Indianapolis
15 meters 10.25.21.jpg

15 meter report from 13:00 z today... looks like the boy's having fun





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Sep 8, 2021
I heard Jamaica this morning s9. Then disappeared. A few stations in the weeds then all quiet.

LOL, if you have ever worked in Jamaica, you might know that they didnt disappear, they went out for a smoke or a drink.
I worked a few emergency situations (financial not life threatening) with some guys in Jamaica. They were so relaxed about it they would go outside for an hour long smoke.. One went down the street to a bar,, while I waited on the phone.
Really relaxed guys.

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