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11 meter is very quiet?

Yes I heard him as well. Wandered off to other frequencies. Some people are just looking for attention and don't care what type they get.
You're exactly right, lonestarbandit. I just avoid those guys like the plague. There's too many other frequencies, to be dealing with all that BS!
I think the worst thing you and do is to interact with them. I won't give them the satisfaction!
I heard the 1111111111111111111111111111 guy out there this morning, he had a bunch of people all worked up and pi$$ed off on 38lsb.
It's great that there are many other frequencies to go to. I don't mind some of the shenanigans on the radio from time to time, it makes it interesting to me. However, it seems as if the only way some if these guys can get any satisfaction in life is by being a turd on the radio. That's pathetic.
1111 guy wants to have my baby. I had lots of stations trying to shut me down today with no success
I heard that out there.There were a lot of guys out there that don't like you, not sure why but I know Chris Sweeney loves you, lol.
bloody hell for the last few weeks we have had usa and all those piss heads in aust. yesterday was bad this end we had usa in from 26800 all the way up to 27.900usb
well i should have said all my 600 chans where full am/fm/lsb/usb and get the odd dick i think from usa playing bloody music on 38 i run a anytone 5555n and Washington base and a grant oh and Baofeng handheld and soon to be black box on my grant after i turn power down to 5wts on ssbim in new Zealand
73's to all
I don't know if I was working 11 meters, or if 11 meters was working me! From 5:30 to 6:45 this evening conditions were great. Had some good QSO's, including 933 up in PA. Matt is a member and we usually connect on lsb 16. For the life of me, I can't recall his name on the fourm. o_O

Regardless, it was great talking to you again. It's been too long.
Edit: Found it! @MH933 Thanks for the qso!
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Well on my day off,the DX conditions were cooperating and I was able to make contact with the following station's:
5166 Texas
032 Birmingham, England
KP 356 Brighton, England
All the signal's were nice and solid coming in,and had some nice qso's,at the moment the conditions have started to get a little wonky, but still out there at the moment............


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