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300 ohm ladder line on 11 meters ?


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Jan 24, 2021
Back in the 1980,s i had a base antenna 40 feet up in a tree but was 1000 feet away from my house on top of a great big hill in the appalachian mountains.
I used twin lead ladder line the entire 1000 feet with 11.5 feet of rg 8 coax on each end made into open choke coils then about 6 feet or more that went from the coil to the antenna or transmitter.
The ladder line had always laid on the ground and never seemed to have any significant loss when compared to the 1000 feet of rg 8 coax feed line i switched over to after using the ladder line for 2 years.
I learned this the hard way after spending cash on all that coax that i thought would make a moneys worth of differance yet the final result was almost the same when just the feed line was changed.
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Captain Kilowatt

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Apr 6, 2005
Nova Scotia,Canada
Good quality RG-213 which is an RG-8 type of cable has a loss of 1.0 dB per hundred feet, so your best case was that you had 10 dB loss in your coax cable. You say the ladder line showed no difference, which proves that from it laying on the ground, losses were crazy high for what they could have been if the cable was strung up in the clear. Having around 10 dB loss with ladder line is unheard of in normal usage. You could have made more of a difference if you just installed the ladder line on posts up off the ground and kept it away from the ground.

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