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Another unannounced one from ranger

Amazon has them for $159, I wonder what board is in them. It's a cb with single final pretty sure. Probably just like the Galaxy, hopefully it doesn't drift. If you consider that the mic is worth $30 then this puts it as the same price as a new Cobra 29. I don't see it on the ranger website........

I might have to get one.
I appriciate the info, saw one on eBay but couldn't even get the seller to show me the back of the radio and badge.

Hard to tell from the video but the finish looks cheap IMO. I liked the finish they used to put on the old 969 series better.

So a Galaxy 979 with a Ranger faceplate?

I liked the Galaxy DX 979 as it was compact, had the big meter and backlight faceplate.

Compared to that radio this seems like a base model Yugo version.
I'm liking the older retro look, and a nice change overall. I've ordered one!


If it's your style right on! Post some close up pictures when you get it. 979 board works well and actually seemed to drift a little less in my mind than the 949/959 board but might just be my perception in using them over the years. Still would expect some SSB drift if used mobile, might not be as much of a issue if used as a base.
Yeah I'm kind of liking the simplicity of it myself. The size is nice for the truck overhead console too as the dx chassis don't fit in there. Had originally thought about that x9 but the rt1 and the price involved has this guy a little scared. I'm digging this one.
Too homely. Get the gal(axy) at has some appeal.

Was going in to install plug on mine a couple of years ago and popped (protection diode?) when spark jumped the gap.

Has everything necessary with a KL-203 + DSP Speaker. Bought mine before had much awareness of PRESIDENT brand. McKinley maybe better, but Galaxy AM is hard to beat on the road.

Those big meters a help in trying to determine distance from another mobile. Coming or going.

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