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Baofeng UV-5r VHF/UHF HT Review

This Baofeng is a definite SCORE . . .

I agree Robb, I am very happy with mine. I have had it two years now and only one issue. Once I left it on in the sun on a very hot day and the for some reason the radio lost it's programing. Easy enough to fix, quick plug into the computer and all is good again. As I have said before now that they are in the $30's from a US seller I will be buying another.
Inhibiting transmit on UV-5R

For an odd reason, I need to inhibit the transmit function on a UV-5R. I want the radio to be able to be fiddled with (examined closely) by 'officials' and for them to not stumble on how to make it transmit.

I want the inhibition to be reversible (by me.) However, if I have to use it as a "general coverage receiver" for some weeks then that's okay.

Is this achievable?

Are there instructions around for me to follow?

Any assistance will be helpful.

You can only inhibit transmission in Memory mode, per memory, and not in VFO mode. If they switch it to VFO mode, it'll be able to Tx on whatever frequency it's on.
You can only inhibit transmission in Memory mode, per memory, and not in VFO mode. If they switch it to VFO mode, it'll be able to Tx on whatever frequency it's on.

Mine has inhibit transmission in all modes. I call it the "don't push the PTT button" feature. ;)

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I have the UV-5R and you can use a Wouxun cable and CHIRP program to program this radio without any trouble, save CTSS/DCS, Tones, ALL the things you need. it is a great little radio.
KB5SXV / Harold
Then, I am snookered. ;-(

Get the cable and you will be able to use CHIRP program and it will be easy to put all of the freqs, sub-tones, power, ect. everything you would want in a HT...
KB5SXV / Harold
The new Baofeng UV-5r dual band 4 watt VHF/UHF handheld transceiver has arrived! When I saw that this radio was coming out, I knew that I wanted to get one for comparison to its little brother, the UV-3r. I ordered it from 409shop.com for $56 shipped and it arrived yesterday.

Here is a picture of the new UV-5r:


First, here are the key specs:

Frequency Range: 136-174.995 Mhz / 400-479.995 Mhz TX/RX
FM Broadcast (RX): 65-108 Mhz
Memory Channels: 128
Frequency Stability: 2.5ppm
Frequency Step: 2.5, 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5, 25 khz
Battery: 7.4V 1800 mAh Lithium Ion
RF Power: 4 watts High, 1 watt Low
Spurious emissions < -60db
No receiver specs listed.

The radio is a little larger than the UV-3r (pic coming later), but still fairly small. My initial impression is that it is also a much tougher radio and built very solid. While the UV-3r feels like a cheap little disposable radio, this UV-5r feels like something that will last much longer.

Here is a pic of (almost) everything in the package:


It has a auto desktop charger (which is the only way you can charge it), a headset, the radio and antenna, battery, belt clip, wrist lanyard, and CD with English manual and software. Also included is a wonderful Chinese printed manual :)

The left side has the typical PTT, "CALL", and "MONI" buttons:


The right side has the speaker and mic plugs, shown open here:


One noticeable difference with this radio is the cover for the speaker/mic is well designed to keep dust and moisture out. This is how it looks with the the cover closed:


This radio uses the same speaker/mic configuration found in the Wouxun and Kenwood radios, which also means that the programming cable supplied with the other radios will work, as well. I have tested and verified programming the UV-5r with a Wouxun cable.

The top of the radio is where you find the flashlight and On/Off/Volume knob:


Here is the display with the FM broadcast radio on:


You can tell from this pic that I've enabled the standby purple back light. The light turns off after a few minutes of inactivity.


The flashlight is pretty bright:


And of course, the radio wouldn't be complete without the included alarm, shown transmitting here:


Next up, I'll show some pictures with other radios for size comparison and discuss the functionality of the new radio.

Standby for more...
i have one of them. i haven't used it yet

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