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Base or Mobile or both?

Base at home and mobil in the work van, nothing in the personal car. I like to rag chew with the locals 95% of the time shoot skip olny a little. Use the mobil to keep me alert in the van.
run both started out 40 years ago next month with a 6 channel johnson mobile, had to have a base so the rest of my family could use it,, got a cheap power supply with hyrange II and a antenna specialist antenna,, have upgraded a lot over the years,, but still run 2 mobiles and a base set up 73s midnight special
How you mount the antenna can make or break the installation and leave you either wondering if you've set fire to your money or completely blown away by what you can achieve.

If you do any of the following:

1) Use mirror arm brackets

2) Have the antenna mounted very low on the vehicle

3) Have any of the antenna shadowed by the body

...you'll think you've set fire to your money.

However if you put the antenna in the center of the roof of the vehicle or as high as you can with as much metal as you can under the antenna, preferably with a permanent fixed mount, and do a bit of bonding and you'll be amazed how far you'll get.

Yeah antenna is a wilson 1000 mag mount, I know its not eh best. I should have had a hard mounted antenna...but I just rather talk on the base...oh well, thanks for all the input on what your running guys!
Back in the 70s I started out with my first cheap mobile. Ever since then every vehicle I owned and drove had a mobile unit in it and still does. In the early 90s my wife and I each had a mobile CB in our vehicles and two base stations at home (both mobiles using a 12vt. Power supply); one in our kitchen and a SSB unit I put in my barn/workshed. Both of these base units have antennas mounted on the roofs. That was our poor man’s local cell phone service for many years. After my wife got her cell phone, she never used the CB anymore. In the mid-90s I got my first amateur license and begun the journey into Vhf/Uhf radios and HF rigs, but still maintained my CB in my truck and base units in the house and barn.

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