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Biggest Antenna on the Planet

With an antenna like that it is not so much the rotational torque required as it is the braking force to stop it and keep it from turning in the wind.

In that case some little ol’ disposable mouse motor won’t do.

Needs a Hemi.


“Attention all personnel. Execute, Planetary Coriolis Effect, Non-Revised.
Antenna Tower Braking to commence in Three, Two, . . . “

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In that case some little ol’ disposable mouse motor won’t do.

Needs a Hemi.

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“Attention all personnel. Execute, Planetary Coriolis Effect, Non-Revised.
Antenna Tower Braking to commence in Three, Two, . . . “


I saw that awhile back. I think it would be a good job for a 350, though... a Pontiac 350. Those are some torquey motors for their displacement. Not surprising since it has the same stroke as a 400.
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I made a bit of an error in the length of the sides of the hexagon at the North West Cape (NWC) antenna in Australia. The sides are each over 4,000 feet long; not quite a mile*. With ground view and with "Roads" enabled, you can get a fair closeup of the base of tower #3 or #4 right from the comfort of your computer. Right at the centre point of the hexagon is a good sized building, through the roof of which extends Tower Zero, a bit taller than the towers at the vertices of the hex.

*as closely as I can read the "ruler" on Google Earth.
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Hi Folks
Just wondering if anyone's seen the new antenna that Motormouth Maul has just put up. I've never seen anything like it before. It has a 117 foot long boom and 16 elements on 27Mhz! Iv'e seen big antennas before but nothing like this. https://www.computer7.com/the-biggest-cb-antenna-on-the-planet/

And he now comes in on AM-19 skip like no other. The voice is memorable, the audio is phenomenal. Had him while running IH55S in MS and again after the turn onto IH10W thru LA a few days back.

Changing compass point directions like this normally changes my reception. Some drop out. Not that 4-lb hammer.

Biggest antenna? nope.
The OH8X 160m yagi is a 3-element monster with 12.9dBi gain that stands over 100m high and weighs a staggering 40 tonnes. It occupies a site of around 29,000 square meters and was built from 450 meters of tower sections, which needed 600 litres of paint.

160 and 80 meter beams at OH8X
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I don't know if it can get to 160 but WBCQ's new setup can get to 40 and 20 at least lol
500KW with 23dbi is like 60 megawatts erp if my maths is right.
38a4948d60b24515.jpg Ehhm0xJXcAIPcXz.jpg D9SxOFWXUAAh8k3.jpg
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Im not sure John rotates that antenna at all.
I think he might just point it east and let it be.

Does anyone know the gain?
Hello LC !

Considering it is 117 feet long...
That is roughly 35 meters (Just amazing !!! my biggest was only half of that hihi)

So that 35 meters....that equals (roughly) a boom of 3,15 wavelengths long.

That is a number easy to use to compare with proven examples and would give an indication of 13 to 13,6 dBD gain (15,1 to 15,7dBI).
( you can compare that to this list https://www.dxmaps.com/VE7BQH.html)

It might be possible to squeez just a bit more out of it..but it wont be a nice a good working antenna then. He most likely considered the currents on the elements for power handling, in that case gain would be more in the direction of the low number provided...

Kind regards, Henry
thanks for the reply Henry.
I guess i thought the gain would be higher.

i'm going to reconsider my offer to buy it from him LOL.

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