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"Blast" from the past...

DTB Radio

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Sep 14, 2005
Carlisle, PA. USA
RadioActive Radios...

That was a shop name that generated huge controversy and arguments a decade and more ago. I used to get many of their radios through the shop with requests to fix the assorted modification issues. When they shut down years ago, their radios showed up less and less frequently to the point where I haven't seen one with their stickers on a a few years. Until today. A customer sent in a Connex 4600 with intact Radioactive stickers over the screws. Hooked it up and sure enough, there were the lousy wave-forms and audio quality they used to be famous for. Brought back memories of the long threads we used to bash around on here a decade and a half ago.

Anyone else remember the old Radioactive days and the heated discussions we all used to get into about them?

I remember when they were a sponsor of another CB radio forum and you'd get the boot if you said anything other than glowing things about them. Everyone there used to talk about their RA whacky-packed General Lee being the bee's knees. That was back when Sparky's CB was still around too.
Yes, CB Radio Talk I think is what it was/is called. Didn't Bozo used to be (maybe still is) a permanent fixture over there? He's got at least 4 different domains pointing to his own page now-a-days, probably more.

This 4600 is definitely a typical Radioactive radio...


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