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Covid Cooking- Culinary Cuisine


Scrambled eggs, a can of wolf brand chili (with or without beans) put the scrambled eggs in a bowl, smother with chili, add a good helping of shredded cheese and a handful of crumbled nocho cheeses doritos.
The breakfast, lunch, or dinner of champions
Like that Wolf Brand chilli. "When was the last time you had wolf brand chilli, Well that's too long!"
Awe, man......store bought chill :sick: gotta make it from beans not cans. Soaking beans in salt water with garlic, not alot but some. Then get those beans to roil, cut back to simmer, slow cook them until tender. Might have to add a little water at times. Once to tender satisfaction, drain excess water, put on low. Cut up onions, bells, chilli, jalapeno, toss in pot. Add your choice of mix, preferred 3 alarm, or doit up ursef, some fresh Roma tomatoes. And last, your choice of fresh roadkill. Let that stew for hours. My step daddy made some of the best chili, never was the same. Always have that cyan pepper added in last. Not to much but enough to add gud flavor. But, there is always one momas baby says it's too hot.

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