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Crown Techron 7550 PS2 power supply amplifier?

To do the job it's meant to do it must have some bulletproof protection circuits in it.

Unlike the infamous "Phase Linear" 350 and 700 Watt amplifiers of the 80s. Our nickname for that one was the "Flame Linear".

After talking to an old friend it turns out the 7550 was the amp he set 3 pairs of Bose 501 speakers on fire with. Burned up the crossovers twice and returned them but the third time the manager said no way so my friend took them home and built his own crossovers and never had another problem.
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I run a lot of hi end home aduio gear. If you start with the right components and the gear and room are setup properly 1 watt from a hi end amp amazes a lot of people.

So 350 watts per channel into a nominal 4ohm load with an efficient loud speaker and plenty of headroom and bandwidth in the amp could easily drive most normal loads. Sadly we know nothing of this amps sonic qualities it could be as harsh as a metal violin or a lead trumpet bell!

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