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Deadkey vs swing

Obviously that SSB guy is someone to avoid for info. Tube or solidstate makes no difference when it comes to power output. I have even heard some claim that 100 watts from a tube radio is better than 100 watts from a solid state rig and will carry further. Some folks are just too stupid for their own good but unfortunately there are many who will follow their preachings.

If the old "tube watts versus pill watts" discussion is going to start up again, let me know. I'll make some popcorn and get a good seat in front. :rolleyes::ROFLMAO:
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    Hello World
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    Need some opinions on a good setup for my 95 jeep cherokee
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    If the antenna leads of an inverted V dipole are at 45 degrees instead of at 180 degrees, what happens to the signal?
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    @AF7LL At 45 degrees it will be omnidirectional. At 180, horizontal, it will be directional.
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