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Europe Coming in this Morning


WDX 404
Mar 16, 2013
Florida Keys
Around 8:45A.M. I heard some stations carrying on a conversation on LSB 38. One mentioned being near Southampton, which is just SW of London. A few minutes later, I picked up 306 in Northern Ireland on LSB 36. He was chatting with a station in Hamilton, Bermuda and then 195 in Brooklyn, New York, a station in Arkansas and several other U.S. stations that were lined up to make the contact. None of these from across the pond was booming in, but they were clearly audible for sustained periods.

Can't wait til tomorrow when I will finally have some time for DXing. I'm hoping the Aussies are filling my radio. Love talking to those guys~!
WR 121 in Scotland was - and still is - making regular contacts across the pond this morning on LSB 38. 160 in Bristol was also coming in on LSB 38. 030 in the UK was working AM 28. There was also traffic on USB 32 in some language I couldn't understand at all and stations communicating in French on USB 34.

There's definitely skip rolling this morning.
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  • @ Jim5570091:
    Antenna length on my mobile. So I’ve had 3 different radios in my truck. 2006 f250 super duty. 29ltd NW, 29 ltd clasic, and now a galaxy DX44HP. My steel whip is somewhere around 89”. Which I know is way to short. But show 1.2 SWR on all 3 radios. And I have a a bench SWR meter that shows the same results. Which I find odd and disturbing. Note the frequency is 27.205. The longer I make the whip the higher the SWR. At 102” it’s up around 2.5. Which totally blows any of my experience i have with mobile radio antennas. I have the antenna mounted to a post just higher than the cab. I’ve swapped the jump through several to different ones. Even tried lug and so239. Connections at the antenna. Seems to transmit well and receives well. Any ideas how this could be possible?
  • @ Jim5570091:
    Turns out I was missing the ground to the cab. Problem solved. Now have 102” exact and 1.2 SWR 26.005 megahertz through 28.005 megahertz. Pictures posted on my profile.
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