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Fast Food Chain Scam?


NY 881
Jul 28, 2019
Up-State NY
A little humor here.
Today I read an article on the internet and seen a short video of a possible scam at a fast-food restaurant.
A customer purchased a few food items and a drink and paid with his credit card. When he entered to his vehicle and read the receipt, he noticed an additional $1.00 fee. He returned to the restaurant and asked what the extra $1.00 was for. The employee tells the customer to look into the bag. The customer pulled out a coupon good for a soft serve cone or small fry with any purchase. Of course (as most of us would) the customer assumed the coupon was for a "free" soft serve or small fry. He did not ask for the coupon. The $1.00 charge was identified on the receipt as: BKF Cpn. $1.00. (Burger King Free Coupon: $1.00. Scam or not a scam? Lol.......lol!

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    There will be NO FT8 robots running unattended at Bouvet,:ROFLMAO:
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    10M BAND.....>28400 SSB .... Always give your full callsign. Listening is the key so be sure we call you before replying. 3Y0J will always listen up (using split) so it will be useless to call us on our transmission frequency.
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    I like these guys already. :cool: Sounds to me like ROBO callers in ANY Mode will be ignored!!!!(y)
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    3Y0J: Update January 29, 2023: Ken estimates Marama should arrive at Bouvet on Monday evening just before sunset. He says he anticipates a good weather window for at least two days then. The team will attempt to move the equipment and supplies onto the island using the zodiac then. They have two zodiacs. They are hoping to accomplish it in those two days. :cool: