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Fine tune cb scam. 2 years later

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Mar 5, 2020
Great Lakes state
Here's my experiment, I had some cash to blow for an experiment, did and took a stab at fine tune and he's a shill (benefit of the doubt if you will) He's stealing money, I paid a few hundred for a radio to be tuned and 2 years later he's sent nothing. On top of that his Facebook page is now an ads page Lmao. Case in point. He's a fraud and everybody is realizing it. He won't answer you for a status update, he'll ask for the PayPal invoice and nothing else after that. Had to test the people complaining. He acts like he knows his shit.. And he may.. But the people who know minimal can be easily manipulated, he'll throw big words at you and make you feel dumb. The entire time from my purchase, I acted like I knew nothing and let him lead the way, be did nothing but upsell. I let him and the fact of the matter is.. He kept going with it... Until I mentioned that I have a good stud and that his was inferior.. Then said "do you want me to take it off?" but he didn't of course I feel bad for anybody who has fell for his bullshit, whether YouTube or the spam over 19. At the end of the day, don't do it.

Take it for what it's worth. These bigger name cb shops are still around for a reason, they deliver. Not some "magical pixie dust" like Hard drive claims.. He's foreshadowing on himself. Go to Bells or Wolcott, or any other reputable shop. 2 years later, still no radio! Hell even drail is smoking this guy.

Anyway, happy skipping. Don't let your guard down, don't be fooled. Hope this helps. For the record, I did get my money back, I did post what Mr mud duck charges for services. For research and piece of mind I did initially pay for this crap to prove a point.

Ps, my bells 655 is still a flamethrower years later
. Props to Mr screwdriver.

My Father in Law is 75 & was a Master Chief in the Navy for 26 or 28 yrs. God Bless him. Go Navy! Lescomm has always done right for me!
I had problems with Lester years ago where i paid for a radio and he never shipped it nor did he even finish building it. He kept giving the excuse that he had to order parts. I got my money back thru my credit card company 4 months later. Glad you haven't had any issues.
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I heard some guys in england up on .425 saying "I dont think he is talking to anyone he is just talking." one of those days.
Ive heard as many people he claims to be talking to as ive heard people on the air say they're talking on a fine tune radio. Never have i ever heard someone say they're running a fine tune rig except for Mark. Its either a recording or hes flat out ghost talking.
Pretty funny the UK feels the same way we do about the desert deadbeat. Mark sure knows how to spread that love world wide. What a putz...
I really feel sorry for Mark, If you watch his videos or listen to him on the radio you can hear his misury. No excuse for blocking up 19 or bashing mom and pop cb shops though.

I can't feel sorry for someone who has taken at least a million dollars in scams over the years, and moves his "shop on wheels" every time someone gets close to nailing him. I feel sorry for the fools who have fallen for his bullshit and sent him their money. For the life of me, I can't figure out why no one has had him arrested or "paid him a visit".
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