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Food lovers heaven this week.

Captain Kilowatt

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Apr 6, 2005
Nova Scotia,Canada
This forum needs a bump start so here it is.

This week is a food lovers heaven in Wolfville Nova Scotia which is about 10 miles west of me.; I am a food lover and I will be in heaven. LOL This week the small town of Wolfville is hosting Devour! which is the world's largest food,film,and wine fest. Beginning Wednesday and continuing thru the weekend there are many, many food competitions and galas all of which somehow relate to the culinary experiences depicted in some of the 80 films being shown at the fest. Many VERY well renowned chefs from around the province and across the country will be in attendance as well as Bob Blumer, host of several shows on Food Network and Hollywood actor Bill Pullman. Food Network arrived a couple days ago and are here for the week.

Why am I even mentioning this? Well my son Alexander is enrolled in the NSCC Culinary Arts program and wants to become a chef and part of their course is preparing foods for the various events. Today he said he had to cut up a dozen chickens while another student made the Buffalo wing sauce. They are also obligated to volunteer to work various events under the direction of a chef. On Friday Alex will be paired with a renowned chef and go up against nine other pairs of students/chefs in a Chowder Smackdown contest to see who makes the best chowder as determined by the public. Immediately following that he steps into the main kitchen for the main Gala supper hosted by Bob Blumer. He works another supper event on Saturday as well and he is only in his first year of the program which just started in September this year.Who knows he may even get to be on Food Network! There is everything going on this week from wine tours to film fests and food trucks on site. There are about fifteen food trucks scheduled to be in attendance together in a competition. It should be quite the event which is now in it's fifth year. I just started the first day of twelve days off today so I have plenty of time to attend events and recuperate after before I go back to work. LOL

The 2015 festival continues until November 8, with over 30 chefs, 20 workshops, 15 tasting tours, more than a dozen dinners, parties and events and 75 plus new food and wine films from around the world.

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