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grounding hf transciever for mobile use

skip searcher

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Nov 17, 2006
ive heard several operators say hf transciever will perform better if it has a ground going to the chassis of the vehicle as this will help with noise problems i havent got my current radio earthed radio is a ranger rci 2950 dx but a mobile hf transciever is a completly different ball game i was going to work of the antenna as it is grounded a wilson 1000 on a mag mount any comments opr tips on grounding a transciever to the vechile and type of cable to use and lenghths would be gratefull many thanks for taking the time 73s


Use fine multi stranded wire of about 14 gauge or even larger if possible. Use as short a piece of wire as is necessary to reach from radio to closest practicle grounding point in vehicle.
Grounding always helps

So does writting with better pronounciation,commas and seperating sentances

i know my writting is not the best
but it is kept ledgible

I have been running HF mobile for over 30 years and have not found that a separate ground was necessary. The most important ground is at the antenna, especially on 40 meters and below. Here it is important to have a low inductance ground, that means as short and wide as you can make it.

My current HF mobile setup is is mounted on a plastic toolbox and wired into the truck main power buss with 2-12ga wires each, on the positive and negative. Battery charger clips go to the mounting posts inside the dash. It is secured on the passenger seat with the seat belt.


Left top down:

Rat-Shack SWR-Watt meter.
LDG AT-11 Autotuner
Uniden HR-2600

Right top down:

Amcom Clear Speech speaker
External speaker for the 2600
LED headlamp for putting on chains in the dark
Excess power wire that powers the entire box

Right top down:

External speaker for VHF/UHF
VHF/UHF Antenna diplexer
Kitchen timer for taking naps
Kenwood TM-733

Yellow toolbox under radios and Truck computer screen in foreground.

I talk the world with this setup, every day and put it in and take it out of the truck, every day.


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