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Ham Radio Nerd
Apr 14, 2002
Today at Hamvention 2023, Kenwood announced and is showing the new TH-D75A 2m/220/440 handheld radio.


Features are largely the same as the TH-D74, but the new radio adds built-in Digipeater capability for APRS, as well as a USB-C for data transfer and charging. Details are just emerging; price and release date are unknown at this point.

Based on the success of the TH-D74, they will easily sell tons of them at whatever price point they want. There is no other HT that has that rich of a feature set. I just hope the internal HF antenna for AM broadcast works better on the new model.

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    6m OPEN nicely today...Big Sigs from South Path...band has noise for me last 3-4 days. Not sure what generating this garbage.
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