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Kenwood TM-G707A Separation Cable?


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Nov 3, 2009
West Central Michigan
I know this might be a longshot. I have a nice TM-G707A that I've been using as a base radio and want to mount in my truck. Problem is there is no room in my F-150 to mount it with the mounting bracket. So, I want to remote mount the main unit and stick the head to my dashboard somewhere with two sided tape. I've searched the inter-webs and can not locate any old stock separation kits or even a way to home-brew a cable.

Making an extension cable for the mic is not a problem but connectors for the control head can not be found. I was hoping someone here might have a source for the connectors, a link to a home-brew cable or an old cable lying around. I don't really want to buy another dual bander.

Let me know if you guys have any other suggestions.

I have a similar problem. I have the separation kit, but the pannel wire has the wrong connectors. Any one have an idea where I can get the proper connectors to replace the wrong ones? It's probably a long shot, but any help would be greatly appreciated. The cheaper the better.
believe it or not,..... there are two (yes, 2!!!!) for sale on QTH right now.

but, I don't see a separtion cable in the pic

Kenwood TM-G707A dual band transceiver in great condition. Includes radio, mic, mic clip, bracket w/screws, & DC power cable (no manual). Works great - additional pictures available upon request. $225 delivered within USA! PayPal (preferred) or Money Order accepted. Richard
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NEW never used dual band with RTsystems programming software
in original box. Kenwood TM-G707A 144/440MHz $300.00 plus insured shipping
Listing #1247169 - Submitted on 02/08/16 by Callsign KC3EBW - IP: 132-147-50-230-dhcp.aoo.pa.atlanticbb.net
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Oh yea, you can always find the radio for sale but the separation kits or cables by themselves are all but extinct. Just like the separation kit for the Alinco DX-70TH which I've been trying to find for a couple of years.
And this thread is still helping needy hams! :D I needed a separation cable for a Kenwood G707A, did a search and found this thread. I checked with PacParts.com, and they still list them as available. A few more bucks that I wanted to pay (of course), but I'm glad that they can still have them.

Thanks for the thread and the info.

Curt W4CP
Raleigh, NC USA

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