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largest beam antenna you have seen?

Big Daddy

Aug 10, 2014
What about that woodpecker system ?
Allthough this is in the cb-antenna section perhaps ham/etc those dont count :)

If only for 27mhz ;

if u know anything larger for cb im really interested.

kind regards h.
Henry, I am glad you replied to the post. Yes plans for big antenna in the works I would like that you would be part of it if you will? Stack 60 plus footers debating number of elements. More info to come Rotor and tower first. But will keep in touch. Thanks!

Captain Kilowatt

Professional Amateur
Staff member
Apr 6, 2005
Nova Scotia,Canada

I used to be QRMed by this site. Naval Radio station CFH. The longwave transmitter on 127 KHz and another on 436 KHz were transmitted from the large inverted cone antenna seen as a pentagram in the middle below. The towers supporting the cables making up the antenna are nearly 600 feet high each. There are a couple Rhode & Swhartz rotatable 3-30 LPDA's near the top center. They look like the letter Y. The site is 12 miles line of sight from home. With a 600 foot antenna on my receiver I could hear the 10 Kw driver leaking thru the final tubes when the key was UP. Lord help that receiver when the key was DOWN and 250 Kw was blasting out.



The site has lots of wideband vertical antennas in fixed directions and a couple look like half of a log yagi standing vertically.
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Captain Kilowatt

Professional Amateur
Staff member
Apr 6, 2005
Nova Scotia,Canada
No kidding. I eventually made a notch filter that was about 70 dB deep at notch to get rid of that horrendous signal as it was causing havoc with my receiver on the broadcast and longwave bands.

Mustang 131

Sr. Member
Feb 28, 2008
What is the biggest antenna you seen or built? Here is one that I help build 2 months ago. stacked 8s on 50 foot booms and 20' stacking kit this is made from couple of laser 500 by maco. it sets at 2025 foot elevation on a mountain top around 32 feet of the ground.

Largest 11 meter I've seen.



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Mr Clean

Active Member
May 21, 2005
Beautifull isnt it ?

Was wondering ...Have you heard David (43rc005) recently if i may ask ?
He was quite active about 3 years ago...but seem to miss him lately..



I talked to him about 2 years ago just the one time. Havent heard him any more. He was only running 40 watts when we talked.


Jun 12, 2012
Haven't seen it yet the guy is still getting it ready to put together in the spring but he currently runs an 8 element cubicle quad and is upgrading to a 12 element cubicle quad. It will be a full wave horizontally polarized configuration. Tower height is 65 feet. He lives in Washington State.
There is a gentleman in France that I talk to when conditions come in that is running a 12 element horizontal yagi he built from Sirio 4 element beams. I did have pictures of it but lost them. He uses a hand crank system as a rotor. It's only at 40 feet above ground but when he comes in here he's booming.


Bullshit Buster
Jul 3, 2008
United Kingdom
I talked to a guy in gearldton aus using a 10 element quad on a 80 ft boom 100 ft in the air. My longest contact was with him at about 15000 miles long path. Here it http://www.shackpix.com/main/details.php?image_id=1759is!

Would love to go to Geraldton. My aunt lives there. Emigrated years ago and never came back. Not that I blame her. Xmas dinner on the beach or sitting next to an eskimo in Scotland. Fucking tough choice. I should have emigrated there myself 6 year ago when I got offered.

I imagine the local qrm is a bit ott mind.

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