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LDG Auto Tuners


Amour d'Ecosse
Apr 2, 2005
Central IL
Anyone have any experience with the LDG Z-100 auto tuners, or any of their other models?

Having just upgraded to General, I was thinking about trying one of these with my Imaxx-2000 and Yaesu FT-847. I know it will be a kludge, but it seems like a quick and dirty way to mess around on HF a little without having to string any wire just yet.

The Yaesu FC-20 auto tuner is about twice the price, and only handles 3:1 SWR, whereas the LDG claims to handle 10:1.

I used the LDG200 pro, you will be very happy with it. Tuning HF plus 6 meter. It has dual antenna connections on the back so you can use the Imax for whatever it will tune on HF for you and get a cheap 6 meter loop in the air and be on the air.

I was able to tune an IMAX down to 60 meter, of course, we all know, it is not the best antenna for that but were talking about just getting on the air and enjoying whatever you can.

Have fun and congratulations on your new upgrade also.
OH and by the way, NO NEED TO BUY THE Yaesu adapter either, this thing tunes sooooooo fast the extra Yaesu adapter is a waste of cash.

Go through all the bands you will talk on and key the tuner on AM to use the carrier and let it tune and set that frequency in the tuner memory.

From that point on, when you go to frequencies on or near those you will hear a simple "CLICK" when you talk in the mic, even on SSB,thats it, your tuned.

Again, its a great tuner.
:D I use a 200pro also with my ft-847 and the computer as i use supercontrol for it. i love the thing since my only hf ant. is a 120ft. dipole fed with ladder line into a 4:1 balun the last 30 ft. into the shack is coax. It tunes so fast it's noisy at first but once you get the memories programed in. it will be instantaneous tune with just a little click of a relay. had it for about a year now and considering getting one for the ic-7k for field use.
Just a thought. If you're going to use the thing in the house, why not just a simple (cheaper) manual tuner? Takes a little more time, sure, but they also let you twiddle with knobs (which is half the fun). The power limits also go way up. Not that there's anything wrong with the auto-tuners, there isn't. They do have limits though.
- 'Doc
I agree with Doc,a manual tuner in the shack is the way to go. I use a yeasu FC-40 auto tuner with an 8 foot whip in the mobile but I would never bother to use one in the shack. I use a Ten-Tec manual tuner with a rebuilt inductor and switch.The original burned up,litterly. It actually caught the plastic toroid housing on fire due to extremely high reactance voltages. :shock: That's what I get for playing around with 4 foot helical antennas on 160m. :LOL: The auto tuners won't even touch an antenna like that one. ;)

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