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Looking for full radio test center , Old School big boy lol


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Feb 21, 2011
New Jersey
I posted this in the "general cb " section but I thought I would also post in the swap shop incase someone has one to buy or trade ! If not please just let me know the makes and models recommended.

Hey guys I know some of you will have the answers for me ! I watch tech videos all the time and I want one of those larger all in one Radio Test / Repair setups . I have a ton of projects going on and Im looking for something like MikesRadioRepair's Test setups . I have seen a bunch of different builders and techs use them but don't know any brands or models to look up ??

What I would really like is an all in one type of setup including :

Oscilloscope 1+ Channel
RMS & Peak Wattage Meter
Frequency Counter
Tone Generator
Power supply
Mic Tester
Modulation Meter

I don't need all of that in one unit (but the more stuff the merrier) !

I have quite a collection of meter of all sorts new and old , Mic testers , a tone generator (no direct inject) , power supplies , speakers , freq counters blah blah blah . Now before I buy a used scope to add to the piles I would rather clear up some wires and bench space with one large all in one test center !

If you want to sell one or trade let me know , or if you know a good brand and model number for me to hunt for that would be great ! I know they are mostly older and getting rare but thousands and thousands were made and I know they are out there ! I don't need everything on my list but I want more than just a multi meter with a power supply and mic tester , I want one of the old school big boys lol

Thanks in advance , I know you guys will come through with something for me even if its just a make and model I can look for its much appreciated .

73's Boys 4-2-ZERO NJ
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