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Louisiana Mudd / Mudd 337 / AKA Gumbo - Portable Setup

Louisiana Mudd

X Marine Researcher - AUV / ASV Pilot
May 25, 2020
North West Texas
This is my portable setup, really quick to deploy and has some reach.

RCI-39VHP *Modded*
Tram 1411 102" Antenna 55" Whip SWR 1 - 1.5 Across
6ft Antenna Tripod

Though I can only speak for the 10 and 11 meter bands, the manufacturer advertises -
Transmit bands 26-27-46-49-72-144-220-440-900-1290 MHz.
Receive is excellent on 25Mhz through 1.5Ghz tested via RTL-SDR dongle (direct sampling up to 30Mhz) as well as a HackRF One.
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