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cb radio

  1. ShadowDelaware

    Galaxy DX959 and echo talk lock power mic

    Looking to sell or trade Galaxy DX959 with echo talk lock base mic. $300 OBO Or trade for 2 pill. Works perfectly. PM me fpr details. Or text me 302 344 2441.
  2. cbbillyuk

    Lester Custom Truck Shop

    LESTER CUSTOM TRUCK SHOP SCAM I placed an order on the 15th December 2021 and to this date (4th July 2023) I have not received the radio, or the refund that I requested. I am now having to take legal action through the courts to try and get my money back.
  3. GLM927

    Big Wave

    Hello from the cold country east of Toronto Ontario Canada How's everyone doing.?
  4. D

    President HR2510 W/ Astatic D104M Minuteman

    I have a 2510 in tested and working condition that comes with an original Astatic D104M Minuteman mic. The mic still has the original plastic barrel-style battery hold INTACT, with a fairly fresh lithium battery installed. The radio's physical condition is good, and all button functions have...
  5. Louisiana Mudd

    Louisiana Mudd / Mudd 337 / AKA Gumbo - Portable Setup

    This is my portable setup, really quick to deploy and has some reach. RCI-39VHP *Modded* Tram 1411 102" Antenna 55" Whip SWR 1 - 1.5 Across 6ft Antenna Tripod 6342 6343 *Edit: Though I can only speak for the 10 and 11 meter bands, the manufacturer advertises - Transmit bands...
  6. Louisiana Mudd

    The arrogance of some...

    I'm going to try and do this without offending anyone... My question is why do so many hams today display such arrogance towards those that are not and may be part of the CB community? I'm not saying that it is all hams but a good percentage online, I have met a lot of awesome people that are...
  7. 530

    Best FCC CB Radio?

    Looking for a friend. Best made mobile AM with stable LSB USB FCC 40 Channel CB Radio on the market today? P.S. Let me add two of his requests. He is looking for the 6 didgit freq counter in the radio for SSB use and the old type needle s meter. I told him I don't think they make radios with the...