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cb antenna

  1. ShadowDelaware

    Help with rv antenna

    I want to put a cb antenna on my rv, but the entire rv is aluminum. What does anyone suggest?
  2. C

    CB: Installed new antenna, now SWRs high on every channel

    Before judging for my actions, I just want to make it clear I am pretty oblivious to every aspect behind the science of radios. So here's my issue. I have a Midland mobile (magnetic) CB antenna that I use permanently on my truck because it works great with my Midland radio. Reason I have a CB...
  3. GLM927

    Mobile 102 Inch Whip w/spring

    Hey Folks Question for y'all... I own a 102 with spring but have a triple magnet mount for it, but will this be alright to push power through.? Approximately 700 watts on the AM band and SSB. I do not want to drill into my vehicle.! Any idea's.?
  4. Louisiana Mudd

    Louisiana Mudd / Mudd 337 / AKA Gumbo - Portable Setup

    This is my portable setup, really quick to deploy and has some reach. RCI-39VHP *Modded* Tram 1411 102" Antenna 55" Whip SWR 1 - 1.5 Across 6ft Antenna Tripod 6342 6343 *Edit: Though I can only speak for the 10 and 11 meter bands, the manufacturer advertises - Transmit bands...
  5. D

    Best antenna Cb

    Hello dear friends , i am new in radiocomunication , my name is Dragos , i am from Romania. Now i am using a 1/2 wave antena (5,5meters) and a crt 6900n , only citizen band. I want to upgrade my antenna , what is your suggestion ? Please excuse my bad english. Thank you very much !
  6. 530

    Mobile Mobile antenna choice

    If you had a choice of the two which one would you choose? It will be mounted on top of a 2010 Jeep Renegade roof, on a puck mount. Both are the same length. My reason for asking I have always read that longer is better and I have also read that metal is also better. Which I am getting confused...
  7. 927Mobile


    Hey Guys I'm looking for an HR2510 as my personal one was stolen in Toronto Canada. Must be in working order and have accessories Comment below
  8. K

    Answer required!

    I want to buy Stryker SR A10 CB antenna does it come with CB coax cable?
  9. Joe_eddy

    help me out please

    I have a stupid question, new to the cb world. I have a general lee cb, Stryker sr10 antenna, and a small 100 watt amp hooked up to it. The cb has been modified to receive regular cb channels. Also I dropped my low power dead key to about 2 watts, for amp use. I may have 2 questions to ask, 1st...