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It's that time again, haven't got to see a lot of the games but have caught a few. I love college basketball. ForestRunner, your Bruins are pretty salty, I'm hoping to catch one of their games. My Hogs got past the first round now we play Kansas, we can beat them if we play a perfect game. With that being said the odds are against us, but you never know.
It is that time!! Ya my Bruins did well yesterday but one game at a time. So glad that USC was knocked out!!

Those Jayhawks are something else!! It’s going to be a challenge for sure for the Razorbacks but it’s possible.
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Man it was a close one!!! Nothing that a “shot” won’t fix…wink wink. Sports medicine is truly an amazing thing.

Was also watching USA beat Venezuela in World Classic Baseball. Two TV’s at the same time…like a sports pub!!!
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Man it was a close one!!!
I've watched several close games. That's what I like about college basketball the playing field is on more equal terms. It's not just the big schools and conferences dominating the tournament, some of these smaller schools and conferences have some really good players. Very few games are a sure win.
Almost forgot, I just noticed our WDX numbers are the same except mine are backwards to yours. Your WDX 917 and I'm WDX 719 I think that describes it? Idk I've confused myself. LOL!
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Looks like UCONN and the Hogs, hopefully we can keep making our free throws and our defense causes UCONN some problems. That's what surprised me against Kansas, we actually hit free throws down the stretch. Free throws and the 3 point shot has been a weakness all year long. Rick330man looks like you're Canes came to play tonight!
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