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Mosley pro 67-3

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Funny you mentioned Hygain i have looked at their Th-11dx and only reason i wasnt too keen on it was it didnt cover 40 meters. The long drive up to WI is the biggest reason i decided not to pull the trigger on that one. I still enjoy the 11 meter stuff so probably wont take that one down . I have actually worked a bunch of stations on 20 meters using the quad just worked one off the coast of Scotland lol.

Almost said EFF it and bought a new TH-11DX but like you the only thing holding me back was the lack of 40m. I have heard of some guys actually loading the boom and stays on 40m but that just sounds like too many headaches for me. If the knee holds out a Hygain Explorer-14 with 40m add-on kit and a Cushcraft A3WS will be going up this summer.

On a different note it is good to be back online. The old laptop died on me last night. I gave it CPR to get me thru enough to retrieve data such as bookmarks and log in info but this is my first post on the new laptop I picked up today. I guess I did something right to get back on-line. LOL
I am looking at the Mosley pro 67-3. Has any one had any experience with it? Also found one with the 2" boom. Is that a good option? Thanks Tim
Hello Youall. I understand this post from 'hammer is over a year old. I came here from a Google search for these big Mosley tribanders. I took one down for the widow of a Silent Key last fall (yes it's for sale). His was the 2" boom version - PRO 67 B - weight 110 pounds - which he had at 70' turned by a T2X. By all accounts he loved it and it served him well. Hope that helps. I have no idea what to ask for this one I have. It is complete, and disassembled into boom and elements. It's cool that it has 2 elements on 40 meters. You don't see that too often.
Well it took me about a year from the time I ordered it and got my tower stacked hazer built and put on the tower to putting the beam up and guying it all. I got it up on Memorial Day. So far it's been working great. I am turning this with a TX2. I was very impressed with the build quality of the antenna and the ease of assembly. Everything is predrilled and color coded and marked on the boom. So if a person is looking for a multi band beam with one coax don't see how you could go wrong.
Yep, I know, I'm late to the party, but in case someone arrives here via a Google search for PRO-67C info, maybe this will help. It's all still 100% valid info.

I have had a PRO-67C-3 for over 5 years now. It's at 55 feet on a US Towers TX-455 self supporting crank-up tower. I have had a lot of antennas over the years, TH3-JR, A3S, A4S, KT-34A (best tri-bander I have ever used), and now the PRO-67C-3. It weighs 145 pounds in it's current config. Yeah, it's over the TX-455 weight and wind load rating. It's what we hams do. We OVER-do. I live in a rural code-free county, so I can get away with it. The PRO-67 rivals the KT-34A on 20-15-10, and of course, it outperforms my 40m dipole by far. It has 4 elements on 10m, 3 elements on 12, 15, 17, 20, and 40 (it is THREE elements on 40, not TWO as has been posted), but only one element on 30m and is a rotating dipole on that band. But it just needs a single feedline and works all 7 bands exceedingly well. It is HEAVY. Make sure your rotor and tower can handle it. I use a Yaesu G-2800. I suspect a G-1000 series would handle it, but when I bought it and the tower used, it came with a G-2800, and I'm very glad. I sat in my pickup this past summer watching a tornado pass less than 200 yards from my shack. A 145 pound antenna with over 12 sq ft of wind load on an overloaded TX-455 only 200 yard from a tornado....I was nervous to say the least. But, while the tower swayed back and forth wildly, and the beam flopped like a dying chicken, there was no damage to either. I was glad at that moment that I had the G-2800 and not a lesser rotor on that tower.

Yes, multi-band trapped antennas are somewhat of a compromise, but Mosley has done a remarkable job of minimizing the compromise, and in my experience, the PRO-67 outperforms any other beam I have ever used, except the KT-34A. The KT-34A beat it, but it was not by much, and it was only on 20-15-10, of course.

Now the negative. I just yesterday had to take the 10-15-20-40 driven element down to repair a couple of traps. Two of the 4 traps had bad rivet joints inside the traps where the trap coil wire inside is connected on one end to the center pipe. They had a 3-ohm and a 67-ohm connections, so I drilled them out and replaced them with #8 stainless steel sheet metal screws. Problem fixed. But, I also found one of the traps had arc'ed through from the trap coil outer end connection to the trap outer shell, through the insulator to the element tubing. I was able to fix it, but it was not fun. Lesson to learn, pay attention to the manufacturer's power rating on the traps! I had been using 1kw on FT8 on an antenna rated at 600 watts continuous carrier modes. I knew what I was doing, but have gotten by with it for almost 3 years (didn't have an amplifier until 2021). Lesson learned. That's one thing I do NOT like about the PRO-67, it's 600 watt limit on continuous carrier modes. It's rated at 5000 watts on SSB, 2500 watts on CW, but for AM, FM, RTTY, and FTx digital modes, just 600 watts. Stay within the 600 watt limit! The KT-34A has no traps, thus is not subject to this limitation. I will have the KT-34A back up on a 100ft Rohn 25 tower next spring for the 20-15-10 meter bands. DO NOT PUT THE PRO-67 ON A ROHN 25 TOWER unless you have torque control arms and guys on it! The PRO-67 is a very large antenna and creates a LOT of torque when starting, stopping, and especially when catching high winds.

If you have adequate tower, rotor, etc, it's probably the best multi-band yagi out there, at least in an affordable price range. Of course, "affordable" is relative. It's priced at over $3400 today. I found mine, the rotor, and the TX-455 tower used from an SK estate for the bargain price of $1100 delivered to my QTH in 2018. Otherwise I couldn't write this review, because I would not be able to own such a package. Be patient, you never know when a deal will come your way. Right now I'm negotiating for a standing HD-455 with a PRO-67C-3 and G-2800 rotor that someone has for sale for $1500. It was in use as recently as 3 months ago. Gee, do I REALLY need another one? Sure, after all, I'm a ham and we all know you can NEVER have enough towers, antennas, or radios. Right?

73 and GL
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Thats great, glad to hear your yagi is holding up.
Mine is still kicking strong.
Hazer makes life good.

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