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Need manual for Transalyzer Mark III

Just wanted to let you know, I hunted a lot....but mostly came up with others looking for technical info.....and getting THIS manual in return. I'm not sure there is much out there.....

[edited to add] just now remembered/found my way to elektrotanya.com, a Hungarian web site that archives manuals.... did not find it there.
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The old guy who ran Transel in the 70s and 80s didn't seem to believe in printing a schematic for anything he sold.

Have never seen or heard hints of a diagram for this toy, nor his wattmeters, or the Nitro base amplifiers.

Doesn't mean it isn't out there. But nobody I know has found it.

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Hello All: Thanks for all the inputs and help. I have the analyzer showing up in a few days just had to have one as Dad had one.

The next project is finding a General Radiotelephone MC12 CB radio Manual. Will cover any and all costs. The MC12 is a updated MC11A CB radio that has two 6BQ5 tubes in the Modulator, but not all of them, yeah. Thanks again for any help here.

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