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New CB Base Station Set Up

William Ebert

Sr. Member
Jul 31, 2020
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
My Base Station set up I just put together. Mounted the Solarcon A99 antenna on the roof yesterday. Look forward to playing around with it. I’m located in Bethlehem, PA which is about an hour north of Philadelphia.



Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. Lots of folks on the forum know how to fix them.

For the record I’m not one of those “folks”. All I know how to do is change the battery and Push To Talk.

I have one that works and one that doesn’t.

Whether or not you have something to say, the correct mic is ready to hand.



Welcome to the forum 579Pete

(Sadfaced emoji)

My phone died and arose again after the third hour.
All was erased. Lazarus, am I.

New only in name only.
Perseverant sinner otherwise.

(Didn’t recognize who made that crack? Then put a sock on it, chief)

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WDX 719 / Waldo on AM
Mar 4, 2018
Sourh Eastern Oklahoma
Phone died. Took its old life with it. Adios, ol’ Slowmover.
Re- boot after new battery, case, etc.

Now let’s get back to congratulating the OP on his comfortable-looking set up.

He’s ahead of me, that’s certain. Stuff stacked all around here.

It's gonna take me a minute to get used 579Pete. I'm not good with adapting to change, you might say I'm a slowmover. :ROFLMAO:

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