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New guy

Discussion in 'Announcements & Open Forum' started by GTA61, Nov 26, 2018.


Did I waste $100

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  1. GTA61

    GTA61 Member

    Nov 26, 2018
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    Just a new guy checking in. One of my buddies sold me one of his radios and I haven't messed with any other than home stereos for decades.

    Anyway, picked up a Galaxy DX99V with some Galaxy 350 amp attached. One of my other buddies is a trucker and says he has the same exact stuff he runs in his otr rig.

    Everything is supposed to be good to go, ill need to install this in my truck one day. Was told to get a Wilson 2000 antenna and solid mount to the roof.

    I'll see if I can upload the unit... any info appreciated. 20181125_183557.jpg

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  2. kopcicle

    kopcicle Sr. Member

    Feb 17, 2016
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    Usually you would get the welcome wagon and all that goes with it . Instead you get me. Your tough luck.

    I'm not a big fan of the 99V but it's a SSB radio and most any SSB chassis can be turned into a decent radio if it isn't already. The very few that are COMPLETE junque are well documented.

    The Amp is what it is . It's a fair impersonation of bias applied until driven with any input. Don't feel too bad they're all (nearly all) that way. Just don't try to stuff a gazillion watts into it and all will be well. 3 AM and 6-8 SSB is about max drive.

    No you didn't waste you $100. You got about what you paid for.
    However you probably wasted your time reading this.

    Welcome to the asylum
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  3. TheRealPorkchop

    TheRealPorkchop Certified Sith Pimp

    Aug 25, 2015
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    Guy thinks a lot of himself huh? Poor Kopcicle.
  4. Blackcat630

    Blackcat630 Sr. Member

    Apr 2, 2013
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    If it all works as it should I don't think you got hurt at all.
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  5. Rwb

    Rwb Sr. Member

    Jun 30, 2018
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    Id give you your money back,then id have a spare 99V. Welcome to the insanity.we dissolve boredom like waiting on the next solar flareup
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  6. BammBamm

    BammBamm Instigators ...173 on the southside.

    May 24, 2010
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    I’d give you $100 for it!
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  7. 357magnum

    357magnum Sr. Member

    Feb 25, 2014
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    # 1 Welcome to the Forum , # 2 I have almost the same setup and also paid $100 but my 99v came w/ a Palomar 250 , that said I'm not a big fan of Galaxys but the $ was right . The amp works as should , the 99v I sent it out , had it re-done ( transmit wasn't right ) I put it on my bench w/ a dummy load checked it w/ meters and has never been used since . That was over 3 years ago someday I'll try it , No Rush !:whistle::)
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  8. Handy Andy

    Handy Andy Do Your Research First, Then Decide...

    Apr 23, 2018
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    The 99V is what some would call a "High Drive" radio - it came with a pretty hefty power output.

    So to see it paired - bolted - to an amp (upside down - sadly) to be used together makes me cringe. The radio itself has variable output power - that can easily overdirve and damage the amp, including the one with it in the photo...

    I'm thinking the person that sold this to you was a OTR or Semi truck - driver and needed power to make headway thru the noise he faced while out on the road.

    Sorry to see this paring not get used too much afterwards. They - when paired like this - I would hope that they (whom put this together) spent some time making the right adjustments to drive the Amp from the radio - properly so hopefully it's not a splatter box and overdriven mess that some setups seen like this would usually wind up as...

    This setup needs a heavy current power supply that produces close to if not more than 30 amps to run without encountering too many loading problems. The AM and SSB mode can make load swings pretty hard on small or less current capacity power supplies. Used in FM mode - the whole mess can cook and roast marshmallows if not tuned right.

    So if this is for a base, that's one thing - a car? You'll need to consider several things - one being the ability to provide the power it needs (thick AWG gauge wire of at LEAST #10 AWG) Mounting it requires some specific finesse to make it work and be useable at the same time without cooking itself or you to death...

    Be sensible about it and realize it's a power house of RF.

    If used properly it will last a long time and provide you with a lifetime of radio enjoyment. Install it, power it and use an antenna that can handle the power it can put out and mount the antenna in a spot on the vehicle where it can do some good and work like an antenna - not a dummy load.
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