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Original CB License......

old goat 321

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Dec 31, 2015
I think my call sign was KTR-2989. It was around 1977 in SW Pennsylvania. Ist radio was a 23 channel Kris tube set. I just started to enjoy the hobby again and think I may try to get a tech. license. 10 meter sounds like it may be fun.


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Nov 27, 2022
Old CB call KHQ-2787
Had a Realistic Navajo with a D-104 up to a home made mono-band 11 meter 2 element quad.

Mobile was on my ten speed bike with a converted Tenna single channel radio that I added crystals for a total of 6 channels with an external channel box and a Telex head set that I rewired from the original speaker/microphone that came on the rig. Ran the radio off of a motorcycle battery and mounted a special rack on the back of the bike which had a Hustler fold over. Which BTW I still have. They were made much better back in the 70's than they are now. I used it a year or so ago with 10m, 20m and 40m resonators on my truck until I installed the HS1800Pro.

I sold off most of my CB stuff before going away to college.

I never had my own HF rig but was able to use a Heath Kit CW rig during study hall in high school in our school's Ham Radio Club shack which was located in a book room adjacent to the library. First amateur call WN4IOH.
By the time I bought a new CB in the late 1970's, the FCC license form was still included with radios. It was optional and free by then. It wasn't a long form by then either. I've long since lost it, but I remember it and my FCC CB callsign was KBDC4909. I see some of the examples of CB callsigns had less letters and numbers, but with more people wanting them, I'm sure the letters and numbers had to increase. Same thing in the Ham world. When I got may Technician Amateur callsign in May of 1991, there long since weren't any more 1 x 3 Technician callsigns in my area. Thus, I got a Novice 2 x 3 callsign like most everybody did after that. Hal. KC4ZYP.

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