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Pill factory


Mar 16, 2008
50th State
I have a bunch of matching lot 2879's I stocked up on from my mobile days years ago. What's the best way to sell these that would protect both myself and the buyer? Last I checked there are numerous china toshibas on ebay.
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Apr 3, 2005
Louisville, KY
Easiest way would be to find an amplifier builder who won't treat you wrong.

Selling them two or four at a time, "retail" could, or probably would involve headaches from incompetent buyers. Folks who will blow them up and want their money back. A builder will know their value, and use that to boost the price of a box built with your transistors. And he'll probably buy all of them together.

Naturally, selling them as a batch probably won't get you quite as high a price as selling one or three pair at a time.

But selling them all to a competent buyer is less likely to get you headaches.



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Aug 3, 2011
C-class as I see? Bummer.
Class C bipolar transistor amp is like having a 600HP V8 that only makes max power in reverse! LOL What a waste!

I apologize for being a bit bitter. The craftsmanship is top notch even if I hate this type of design and build. I should not have been a jerk about the build quality and attention to detail. Clearly that was wrong on my part! Sorry!
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Aug 3, 2011
You know shit is a$$ backwards when you purchase NOS amps from the late 1970's because the entire amp is cheaper than the purchase price of the transistors in said amp!

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