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Apr 6, 2005
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From Fleabay:

Here we take a look at the Q900 Version 3 Ham Transceiver which covers all ham bands from 160m up to 70cm.
Q900 we introduced an ultra portable full range full mode SDR radio, Receive frequency from 100 k to 2 GHZ .

We have developed the QRadioble phone APP can easily control the radio, Make the radio operation more convenient and fast, the radio adopts a full keyboard design, built-in Bluetooth module, sound card module and communication serial
port module. We fully support the currently popular radio control software and logging software to give you more playable space.

What’s new in the 3rd generation:

The current Q900 is the latest product launched in 2022 and is the third generation improved version.

Compared with the first version (HS2) and the second version (qr20), the third generation has optimized all previous problems. The current Q900 has stable performance and can be purchased with confidence.

Who was it that had one of early versions?
This one is $600+ I see older models selling for $50

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"Compared with the first version (HS2) and the second version (qr20), the third generation has optimized all previous problems."

So I guess the Radioddity QR20 is the second generation, yet they still ask $699 for that radio, without any upgraded modules.

I became aware of this radio when Radioddity offered it a year or so ago, but the reviews were not good.

I would be interested in the Q900 if it really works, and if it will be supported by the manufacturer, but I don’t even know who the manufacturer is ???

At least when I bought Xiegu’s first radio, the X1M, I was able to buy it from an American distributor that stood behind it, and Xiegu continued to update the radio via firmware updates, and they eventually became a player in the market. Don’t know what is going on with the Q900/QR20, but I guess the early adopters are SOL.
Just saw the youtube video on that rig, if it can do everything they show in that video it out to be an interesting rig. DC to daylight in the palm of your hand.

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