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QRZ-1, QRZ & Gigaparts Re-Programmed Baofeng UV5R

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Dec 13, 2008
So I heard about this guy and took a look. Appears that they have re-programmed a TYT UV88 to make easier to use along with re-writing the Manual into plain and better English. Thinking about getting one. My 1st and oldest UV5R actually died last week so I threw it in the trash as you're supposed to do. Have a later UV5R, full freqs, that is still working fine and more recently bought two improved TIDRadio H6's that work great. The extra radios are fun to have around for multi-vehicle road trip comms and to play with the grandkids. Shop is closed for the Labor Day weekend so can't ask any questions until next week. Gigaparts page lists no specs other than 1-5 Watts and Dual Band. I'm going to find out if the UHF is GMRS Skipped. If so .... then I may not get one. Going to encourage them anyway to add Specs to their web listing. They have Youtube Video go-overs on the page and I like the re-programming that they've done.
Other threads on QRZ state that the QRZ-1 is FCC Type Accepted so I'm going to assume they are Ham Band Only. Have asked a question there - and wondering if there is a mod to take them everywhere? The UV88 does 136-174 & 400-480

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Feb 13, 2011
Wire, watching the first video that shows in the ad, the guy goes over the specs on the thing. It is locked to ham bands.


Jun 17, 2008
We have had 11 full freq UV5Rs here over the years. For the workers, for the mainhouse, for the cabin, and for each of our cars. And ... one spare Only had one die, and that was when a worker dropped it into the river. Tried drying it out, but couldn't resurrect it. Want to upgrade, but they just keep going. Great little rigs for the buck.

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    GR&T Super MC-11/A Crystal Synthesized and is in SAMS #22 I have no further information on this radio.
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    I have a MC-7 as well W D-104!
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