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Ranger USA vendors


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Jun 28, 2021
I've decided I want a 2970n4 and a 2995dxcf.

Can anyone recommend a reputable vendor?

Also is "tune and alignment" nessecary? I'm fine doing an 11m conversion myself, but I just want a clean radio that jas 100% modulation and meets spec.

Well I asked about the 2995 and he doesn't stock them. The N4 he doesn't have and would have to call. Nice enough guy on the phone, although he sorta implied he's more of a warranty repair center. I asked about getting them and he didn't shoot me down but seemed slightly uninterested and offered something else he sells. I know inventory is tough for everything right now.
You may check out... GI Joes site...in stock and 750 each ....hes good at answering emails Chris Holland is not your usual retailer and is more involved in Rangers R&D and customer repair...he may have mentioned his new amp deck on the new longhorn superior n6......600 blissful watts and the radio looks great...I have one coming friday.
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I assume you mean this for the 2995 as well? Its too bad I really like those radios. I wouldn't plan on running full tilt boogie on the pin if that makes any difference.

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