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Re-claim 16 LSB contest Dec 24-31, 2022

Just woke up from a nap and turned back on the Ranger, wanted to give a shout out on 16 and see if I make any Contacts, absolutely nothing, however at time's I hear station's very, very faint in the background,noise level up here in Central Pennsylvania is around a 1-3 at the moment,I'll keep trying this afternoon before heading off to Christmas Eve service tonight!!
WDX 1863
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Tried this morning on my way home from work. Running barefoot is challenging enough and the 4 foot Larsen don't help when it comes to DX. Heard a couple of stations way way out there but no contact. There's a Sirio 5000 in an 18 wheel sleigh headed my way 10-4...
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I made 2 contacts yesterday: 933 at 4:28P.M. and 1863 at 4:41P.M. My rig: a barefoot, 41 year old Realistic TRC 490 with a Turner Super Sidekick feeding a Starduster clone.

According to https://www.hamqsl.com/solar.html conditions on the 12-10 meter bands today are "fair". It is a repeat of yesterday. There will be some DX out there, but it won't be a feast. Our best chances of making contacts will probably be at noon eastern and then every hour on the hour only because of folks knowing to converge at those times.

Good luck.
i am in plant city inbetween tampa and orlando,,
It is about 196 miles as the crow flies from Plant City to Miami. I could barely hear you over the noise, but I definitely made out the 273 and I heard you several times.

Atmospheric conditions have at times created situations where I've been able to talk to stations in Tampa and Apopka (Northern Orlando), so it doesn't surprise me too much that I heard you. But if it wasn't conditions, you may just have the most "10-8" station in central Florida.

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    Listening 50.145 USB Beaming YOU Crawdad :coffee: :ROFLMAO:
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    Moved to 50.125
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    Just home BJ, had to miss this morning's 6m extravaganza.....
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    It was a little flat...Sigs were there to work.....Had to wait for the "wave" to crest...then pounce! :LOL: :ROFLMAO: The 2m guys on EAST COAST TROPO this morning...op's were leaving 6m and working 2m SSB because it was wide open (100m-800m range) ...Even seen reports op's working 200+ miles on FM SIMPLEX(50w and a Stick) also. So interesting day so far(y)
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    Band will open next 60m ??? I think it will happen :giggle: How open that is the ?????:giggle:(y)