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Reclaim LSB 16

The DX gods have not been kind to us lately. We had some great runs there back in October and November, but the LSB 16 well just about dried up after that. I'm taking advantage and pulling down my antennas for maintenance. I've got my eyes on the Labor Day week-end as our next best opportunity to try again with numbers.
I have to agree that Dx hasn't really been promising these past few weeks on 16 LSB, I'm thinking once Fall comes around then hopefully conditions will pick back up like last year hopefully!!
I took the A99 down last week for annual maintenance, so Saturday was a bust. But it was back up Sunday. LSB 16 was dead. Not a single SSB station out there. There was some activity on LSB 38, but it definitely was not the wild west. One group ratchet jawed away on LSB 38 for quite a while.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this upcoming week-end will see the skip bounce back...literally.
Is everyone up for a little DXing on LSB 16 this week-end?

Anyone remeber the Firestick FS-99? It was a replacement 3rd section for the A99 that claimed to effectively convert the antenna electrically to a 5/8 wave. I was able to get my hands on a few of them cheap many years ago. Now seemed like as good a time as any to try one out again. I'm not convinced that this FS-99 is any better than the standard A99 third section, but we'll see this week-end if maybe it shows something in the DX world.
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