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Removing ethanol from gas

Wow Guys ! I don't think they even sell Ethanol Gas here in RI . If they do I've never seen it ? I can get Race Fuel , So-Cal or VP-12 or 14 . But sure not spending that kind of $ or putting that octane in my mower . Sure would have clean valves & piston's ... for I little while anyway !:LOL:
I used to buy diesel for my pickup on the long Saturday errand loop. A good ways out the freeway. The warm-up miles.. Car wash next. Then the apportioned stops on the way back to the house. No left turns. Parking optimised for easy egress. Etc

Gasohol isn’t bad, per se. Just not as good. Today’s cars run fine on it. Same for lawnmowers. Problems were more than 10-years back. Besides, today’s version is cat poss compared to the good old days.

I agree about wanting pure gas. But it’s not necessity. . A pair of safety gas cans on a trailer is one way. Adding fuel preservative. Rotating it through before 90-days.

Have a plan. Or, some additive use.

I also wouldn’t mess with separation. Gasoline can flash off. The end result ain’t purty.
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Lucky enough to live in a boating area where non-ethanol is available. I don’t worry about it in cars, but with several saws costing $750-$1800 you can bet they all get non-ethanol.

I’ve heard lots of success in the DIY methods. Curious to hear how you make out.
The on going issue with Ethanol is that it absorbs moisture and forms "jelly" which will plug the carburetors.

Sea Foam is a good CLEANER, it will dissolve varnish and gummy deposits.

sta-bil is good for fuel that will not be immediately used.

Ethanol has and will still destroy older engines.
Engine rubber components have been changed to Viton rubber which is not damaged by ethanol.
Nope ! Haven't seen it but I'll be checking ! I use a Marine Stabil in the boat , Iv'e seen what it does to those priming bulbs & gas lines on weed wackers & such & they don't give 4 stroke 300 hp Yamaha outboards away .:LOL:
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Basically, ethanol is hydrophilic and absorbs water freely. If you mix gasahol with water and let it set, it'll separate and lay on the bottom. The top layer is pure gas. The only downside, is that it reduces the octane level slightly. To make the layers more distinct, food coloring can be added to the water. The remaining liquid is alcohol and water with some gas. The ethanol can be burnt off or disposed of as you wish.

The process is simple. I'm just looking for better containers and removal techniques. I'm looking at a 5000ml separation funnel. Its laboratory equipment, but will allow precise separation=$$$.

There are gads of videos. Most are redneck, but a few are very clever. I'm looking for more clever ideas.

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