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So Hot In West Texas!!!

Was just fixing to make a post about the heat but I'll just jump into another fellow Texans instead. 115 degrees here in my part of the panhandle today and have been over the hundreds for over 2 weeks now. The 10 days forecast shows no relief which is just wild. Just a few years back mid 90's was the average and hitting 100 was what we thought was hot. I know some from Arizona will say that ain't nothing but it is when we aren't acclimated, our homes aren't made for it and the ac's can't keep up. Our roads are literally melting with chuncks flinging between the duals of the big rig, it's crazy!

Now I'll not hijack the thread, I was thinking of pulling my mobiles as well for heat concerns but in the big rig it's a real pain to removed. Probably a good idea to pull the one in the commuter though.

@undertaker , you live where it's humid as heck, that has to be miserable. It's like a dry convection oven the Texas plains. It's just nuts
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Well, we in the desert are kinda used to this, well if you can get used to it. The killer is the humidity that you have it TX, and a lot of the other states that are experiencing this heat wave. Humidity makes a huge difference, and we have had some 25-30 percent humidity in the desert here that makes it a killer heat index. I know, 25 to 30% humidity isn't much in the east, but we desert dwellers are used to less than 10%.
Good luck. My sister and her husband are in San Angelo, My sister has to go sit in the car with the air on as the home AC just doesn't cut it.
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When I pulled my Anytone 5555 out of the truck a while back to replace it with the Galaxy 86v, I noticed that the channel display plexiglass on the 5555 was wavy. Still clear, can't really tell unless you touch it. But it apparently got hot, and I live in Delaware which doesn't get that hot. What ever the temperature is outside, it gets way hotter inside the vehicle with the windows up.
We run ours at 76 most of the time, we recently installed a Nest thermostat that we can control from the app on our phone and our bill is running almost $30 less this month compared to same time last year.
The humidity runs about 20-22 % in the afternoons , it is not as bad as you guys with high humidity levels.
It's not cooling off much at night in some areas, that don't help.

If you have family in cities, have them reach out to the City Council to see if they have cooling centers.
Here the Library, the Senior center and a few other public buildings here are available when temps go over 100 as cooling centers if needed for the community.
Stay safe.

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It is so damn hot here I have to take out my mobile cause it gets so hot in the cab .
It's no cake walk in the SW Houston area either. Usually I'll last until around 1-2p.m in the shack, before it warms up to the mid-80's (with AC piped in). Last week we his 105, and today they're projecting 102, but it's the damn humidity I really hate :mad:

Where in West Texas are you?
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San Angelo I know about the humidity I worked in Galveston for 10 years..had to drive to Houston regularly for managers meetings..
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Its hot here on oklahoma but I feel like my freshly recapped cobra 138xlr can take it, that is one of the main reasons I dont have a stryker or some other digital radio in the car. Also the 138 doesent look as "expensive" to the untrained eye.
You did not think about it much years ago, just drove across the field with dust boiling in the windows and let radio and everything else bake all day in hundred degree heat.

You guys in central Texas are really getting hammered, we have family by Conroe and they have been telling us its unbearable there.
It's hot everywhere.
Even England is hot, and only like 1% of the population even has AC
over there.

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Its hot here on oklahoma but I feel like my freshly recapped cobra 138xlr can take it, that is one of the main reasons I dont have a stryker or some other digital radio in the car. Also the 138 doesent look as "expensive" to the untrained eye.
I'm with ya on the hot in Oklahoma, I'm in West Virginia now, first day back was 87 degrees. Not to bad after 100 + degree temperatures last week at home. 87 degrees is pretty hot especially with humidity, but not as bad as 107 degrees with humidity.
Everywhere seems to be in a heatwave right now. Up here in Nova Scotia it is supposed to be around 91-92 degrees today, but the humidity is running over 70%. Yesterday it was 88 with humidity of 86%. The entire long range forecast is pretty consistent in that regard too. Thankfully, I took vacation this week and have twelve days off starting yesterday.

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