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Sometimes it doesn't hurt to ask.

G-Golly Wally

WDX 719 SE Oklahoma
Nov 5, 2008
Southeastern Oklahoma
This evening while I was walking about my property I thought I'd walk back and check on the neighbors property, they live in Colorado but still keep hanging on to their old home place. and I check things out at least once when I'm home to make sure nothing has been messed with. But when I walked around the back of the house I could see my old 66 chevy pickup setting in my other neighbor Tommy's pasture, It had been part of the deal when we bought our house. His son was in Tommy's shop building so I peaked my head in and said Kenneth I've got a question. He said well, lay it on me. I told him I'd noticed my old truck in his dad's pasture and was wondering why it was out there. He said his sister was going through a divorce and was supposed to get the truck in the divorce, but her thug neighbor was parting it out behind her back, it's missing the motor, transmission and the grill. She said she didn't want it, but didn't want the thug neighbor to scrap it out and had asked him to come and take it over to their dads place. I told him that I had told her if they ever decided to get rid of it that I would like to have the first shot at buying it back, that was a little over 3 yrs ago. And to my surprise he said, hell I'll get the title and just give it back to you. Shocked, I said are you serious? He said yep, she doesn't want it and I know she'll never do anything with it, and I drag enough stuff up around here without her adding to it, if you want it I'll get the title and make it happen. It's not in my possession yet, but hopefully it is pretty quickly. I had waited for over 30 years for a 66 chevy pickup, I'd fell in love with one my buddy had back in high school and wanted one ever since then. Well, I wanted this house and parted with the truck but have always hoped one day I could get it back, so I'm tickled pink but won't be at ease until it's setting in my shop building. I had $600 in the truck when I made the trade, they knocked 10k off of their asking price for the old truck, now I getting it given back minus the motor, transmission and grill, I'm not complaining. Sounds like the perfect excuse to slap an LS motor in it :p

After walking around the truck and checking it out, it makes me sick how these people abused my old truck. It ran and was drivable when they took it in the house deal, now its pretty much a shell. The once straight body minus the quarter panels and the usual rusty rocker panels has been dented and caved in in some places. Basically the cab is the only thing they didn't destroy, 10k at one time would have made it a pretty sharp ride, now 10k isn't going to get half of the damage fixed, basically every body panel will have to be fixed or replaced. Don't get me wrong, it needed a lot of work when I had it 3 1/2 yrs ago, but now it needs twice as much work. It's gonna be a very, very long process. I guess I'll just have to be patient and take it one step at a time when I can. I really like my home, but now I kinda regret adding the truck in on the deal. I can't believe how bad those idiots trashed this truck! :cry:
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